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Publié : 16 février

Portrait de l’assistant anglais : Xavier Rodrigues

Xavier Rodrigues, an Englishman in France.

Xavier is from London, in the suburbs of London, Dulwich Village. He is in France to perfect his French. He is studying French in Bristol University, a famous college in England. So, he is the English assistant of our school and he sleeps at the school. In England, he is also an extra in films. And before Covid-19 was here, Xavier worked in a bar, but rarely. Our English assistant does a lot of things, doesn’t he ? He loves summer which is not surprising because his birthday is on 18th August.
Now that we know him better, let me tell you that Xavier is very funny, funnier than the teacher. Also, he is kind ; Xavier says he is a bit clever but I think he is cleverer than he says. He has a little fault ; he is a bit immature. This student is very good at French of course, and he loves history.
Xavier has two older brothers ; his parents are from India. He has got family in India, in Singapore and Australia so he travels a lot. Do you think it’s enough ? No ! He has already travelled to Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and China. That’s all… Oh and I almost forgot, Xavier speaks 4 languages, English, French, Portuguese and a little bit of Mandarin. That guy is very impressive ! He has visited all the big monuments in Paris like “Arc de Triomphe”, the Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral… and he thinks that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Our English assistant has a lot of hobbies. He loves watching films or series, his favourites are DC movies and Doctor Who. He listens to all pop music. Xavier enjoys football but he doesn’t practise it, he just watches it on TV and plays FIFA ; he is an Arsenal fan ! He is a fan of food too. His favourite food is kebab, his favourite restaurant is the “Real Greek”, especially the one that is in Dulwich Village in London. But of course, he likes French food too.
Back home, Xavier lives in a house with a giant garden in Dulwich. This student likes Bristol, where he is studying. In this town his favourite place is the Suspension Bridge because it’s very impressive, but he prefers Tower Bridge in London. In London there are cable cars going across the Tames and he loves taking them because you get an amazing view of the city. His favourite place in London is Greenwich Park. Finally, do you know what ? Xavier has a friend who worked in Buckingham Palace last year ! And another friend who met Prince Philip ! Amazing, no ?
I was pleased to meet him ; it was very interesting to know about his life. He is a nice and friendly guy.
L.D.V. (A 2e student)