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Publié : 12 décembre 2019

What about our English Assistant

My group and I interviewed Mr. Hale during an English class and here is what we learnt about him :

Dakota comes from Arizona, in the South-West of the U.S.A (where are only cactuses, sand and dust, as he described it). Originally, his family came from Louisiana and his great-grand-mother was French. He studied French there but also in Canada. He speaks English (of course), French, he can read and understand Spanish and he can speak Korean a little bit too, because he taught in Korea in summer camps. It’s the first time Dakota has come to Europe.

You must be asking yourself : ‘‘What’s an English assistant ? What’s Dakota’s role ?’’. An English assistant is a person who comes to English classes and does listening activities or speaking activities, for example, with students. He helps them with pronunciation because Dakota studied linguistics, especially sounds and phonetics. He works with ‘‘seconde’’, ‘‘première’’ and ‘‘terminale’’ groups once a week (on Thursdays in our class). He‘ll be staying 7 months at high school Les Fontenelles. For the moment, he’s living at the board of our high school.

More about him

Dakota has one brother who is 3 years younger than him, and whose name is Jayce, and he also has 5 dogs. He likes eating burritos, pizza and spicy food with hot sauce, and listening to pop music, country music and electronic dance music. He thinks he’s not sporty at all. He plays “World of Warcraft”, “Hearthstone” and “Overwatch”. And finally, he said he didn’t like Maths classes at school, it may be why he studied linguistics…

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