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Publié : 12 décembre 2019


On 10th October, we met Dakota Hale. He is an English language assistant. That means he will help us with speaking or listening activities, since he is a native speaker. Sceptics, don’t worry, he is not just a native speaker but also a linguist who studied phonology ( a smarter and shorter way to say “science of the sounds and of their functions”) . He has a master’s degree ! He speaks English obviously and French (not with us, sadly). Moreover he can understand a little bit of Spanish and Korean. Indeed, he was an English teacher in a summer camp in Korea, for half a year.
He comes from the city of Phoenix, Arizona. When he headed to France in September, the landscape looked quite different from the USA to him. Not a single saguaro cactus ,nor any desert or one of those lovely animals like spiders, scorpions, snakes or bobcats. But for someone who traveled to Korea, where students study during holidays, France is not very different from the USA. However, he has noticed that everything seems to be smaller (he said that was cute, you can note how nice he is !). And we don’t put our eggs in refrigerators, which is disturbing for an American. French go to bed early while he is used to living in a city that never sleeps. So he tries to find a flat in Rouen, since it is livelier. Moreover, transport doesn’t bother him. In fact, he is used to spending a lot of time in them, in the USA.
Next, he told us about his close family. He has a little brother, who is 22 years old. His dad is a computer software engineer. His family is typically American : his grandpa always wears a cowboy hat. His aunt and uncle have 2 children aged 4 and 8. His mother is Sharlette. Do you notice that it looks like a French name ? Her ancestors were French settlers (Cajuns) who moved to Louisiana. It’s one of the reasons why he learned French. The other part of his family are his pets. He has a lot of dogs : Roxy is a golden retriever that is 6 months old, Boomer is a wiener dog , Max and Bandit are chihuahuas, Daisy is a poodle.
Now, the most interesting part : let’s talk about food ! Dakota likes Mexican food (it’s spicy !), as tapas. He also enjoys pizza, churros and candies (Reese’s). Except eating, our english assistant likes video games (for the curious ones : “Overwatch”, “Dead by Daylight”, “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, “World of Warcraft”, “Magic and Hearthstone”). He describes himself as a nerd. He likes horror TV shows, pop, country and electro music. He watched some animes, One piece for instance.
Finally, he will stay in our school for 7 months, so we wish him a good stay in France.

Nina Maké