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Publié : 28 novembre 2017

Bienvenue à l’assistante américaine : Mattie

A new assistant

NORMANDY(FRANCE), special correspondent
Once more, the Lycée Les Fontenelles welcomes a new assistant. She is called Mattie, she is 23 years old, she is very tall and she comes from Charlotte in North Carolina, USA. She has got one brother and one sister and a dog called Lucky (readers take note : she is single). Her mother is a Baptist minister and her father works for a computer software company. She studies at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington (by the Atlantic Ocean)and if you were wondering, yes, the red cups exist in real parties, not only in the movies.
She is fond of basketball : guess who are one of her favourites players ? The famous former player of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and one of the most famous players in the Golden State, Stephen Curry who comes from the same city as her ! She likes soccer too, she likes the PSG and she even went to see them playing against Chelsea two years ago. Mattie really likes pop music too and by the way, if you love Beyonce, you should get along with her very well. She has been to one of her concerts in Raleigh ! Talking about French-speaking singers, she likes Coeur de Pirate. She also loves watching movies, especially the Lion King ! On the French side, she likes L’auberge espagnole.
Mattie has already been to France a few times : 3 years ago, she came to Lille to study and she went backpacking with her sister. Travelling is one of her favourite activities ! She travelled a lot across Europe : she has already been to Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. It’s probably one of the reasons why she would love to work in a hotel : she loves meeting people from different cultures !
Oh, we almost forgot, if you want to taste a typical meal from North Carolina, you should try fried chicken with mashed potatoes ! Let us know what you think ! 

Agathe, Anne


 We have welcomed Mattie in our High School. Fall just arrived here, as well as Mattie, our American assistant. The 23-years-old woman landed in France a few days ago. She comes from Charlotte in North Carolina. When we met her, she told us some information about her and her life as an American woman.

In fact, Mattie has one brother and one sister. Her dad works in a computer software company, and her mother is a minister. She also talked about Lucky… You may be wondering “Who is Lucky ?”, Lucky is her dog !

Regarding her studies, she is a student at the University of Wilmington in North Carolina, which is situated by the ocean. Some parties are often organized and as we expected the students drink in red cups. Those famous red cups that we have all seen in American movies !

Mattie has one hobby and a good one ! She practises basketball, and her favourite player is Kobe Bryant but she also likes Stephen Curry. He is from Charlotte too ! She also likes sports, like soccer. One of her favourite team is the PSG and she went to see Chelsea-PSG two years ago. What a match !

Her favourite movie (which is probably the ultimate one) is The Lion King. She loves pop music and her favourite singer is the iconic Beyonce. She has been to one of her concerts in Raleigh (the capital of the North Carolina). She has no boyfriend, what a single lady !

Mattie enjoys working with people from different countries, she also likes to discover new cultures, that’s why, she would like to work in a hotel. She loves French culture, as well as, French music, especially the artist Cœur de Pirate (who is Canadian but no matter). She also told us that L’Auberge Espagnole is certainly her favourite French movie. Mattie has already been to a lot of countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France indeed ! Three years ago, she studied in Lille and she backpacked with her sister.

Regarding the typical food in North Carolina, she admitted it is quite unhealthy like fried chicken, mashed potaoes, bean casserole.

Finally, we are happy to welcome her to our school, we hope she will have a great time with us !

Mathilde, Clémence